Become a Wolfpack Ambassador

Wolfpack Running puts on amazing experience events. Both our London Cardiff 24 and Dragon Seeker 60k provide memories for years to come which cannot be summed up in a single sentence. We need your help to explain them face to face.

Register as a Wolfpack Ambassador and receive rewards for helping promote the event to runners, workplaces, friends, family, charities and sports clubs. In fact anyone who you feel would appreciate the opportunity to test themselves and achieve something incredible.

What do I get?

Get rewards for teams that sign up due to your enthusiasm.

For every London Cardiff 24 team that you sign up receive £100 cash OR £150 discount for your team

  • Sign up 2 teams and also get a Wolfpack Ambassador hoody
  • Sign up 4 teams and also get a Wolfpack Running tech tee

For every Dragon Seeker 60 runner that you sign up receive £8 per runner OR £10 discount for your entry

  • Sign up 12 runners and also get a Wolfpack Ambassador hoody
  • Sign up 16 runners and also get a Wolfpack Running tee

There is no limit to the number of teams or runners that can sign up

Note: Your own team or entry does not count towards your total.

What do I have to do?

  1. Register with us

Simply these events are amazing experiences. All you need to do is talk to people.

If they have questions that you don't know the answer simply get in touch.

What happens next?

Upon registration we will email you all the information you need including:

  • How entrants identify that you referred them
  • Information about the events
  • Some pics from the events to share
  • The perks of the event you can shout about
  • Testimonials to share

As an ambassador you will be invited to a number of events in the lead up to the event and also to come along to the event itself. You can be involved as a marshal, a spectator or one of the organising team.