Can your team run from London to Cardiff within the 33 hour cut-off?

Can your team cover the 160 miles and beat the 24 hour target?

The route takes you from one capital to another, by country lanes, along canals, off road and on pavement.


Stages vary in distance, time of day, and terrain including on-road to off-road but all easily enough. Most stages have a mixture of underfoot conditions with the majority being on hard surfaces which are easy to run on. Only a few stages need you to dodge clusters of nettles, or clamber through a hedge and over a stile.

The route is approximately 30% off road, 40% roads and country lanes, 20% pavements, 10% canal paths.

30% off road

40% roads or country lanes

20% pavements

10% canal paths


The distances are surprisingly short - individual stages vary from 3 miles to 12 miles.  There are 24 individual stages and 3 team stages.

Some are tough, some super easy. Run the dawn stage with gorgeous countryside views, run a night stage in the dark across the Ridgeway Path, or across the stunning Severn Bridge. There is a stage for everyone.

The shortest stage is under 3 miles and there are ten short stages under 6 miles. There are ten stages between 6-10 miles and only four stages over 10 miles (including a few crazy stages for the mad runner in your team!)

The 3 team stages are all below 2 miles, happening at the beginning, middle and end of the route, where you all run together in a short lap.

Each stage and it's distance and approximate time of day


Each stage begins and ends with a checkpoint, where you park up, grab food, nap, have hot coffee or bacon butties, have a wee and wonder where on earth your team-mate is. There is a peaceful calm, followed by chaos as your teammate suddenly arrives. Stage times are recorded and the relay baton handed on to your next runner.

The Checkpoint Map provides an indication of roughly when the checkpoints are.

The route changes every year due to roadworks and annual alterations to bridleways and footpaths and is confirmed 3 weeks before the start of the event.




All stages vary in length, terrain, ease of navigation and time of day. This summary below gives an approximation of these stages for an average team.