Along the route there are 6 Support Stations spaced out along the route getting closer to each other towards the finish in Cardiff.



Overall the course is very flat, starting at around 100m above sea level and dropping to zero in Cardiff, with a few little bumps along the way.


There are 6 checkpoints, which gradually get closer and closer- as you need the support it is there for you.

Checkpoints will have the following:

Changing rooms at Start and Finish

Water /Electrolytes to drink or to refill

Nibbles and snacks

First Aid cover available

Toilets at all checkpoints

Full meals available for supporters at Magor and Cardiff


There are cut off times along the route. These are very very generous.

Pace needed to beat cut off times is about 10 min/km or 16 min/mile.

The finish will close at 7pm - 10 hours after the first wave starts.