• Teams must enter with a team captain and two vice captains 3 weeks prior to event day

  • Team captains are responsible for recruiting their teams

  • Vice captains will also receive all communications and act as team captain if required

Team Size
  • Minimum 8 runners

  • Maximum 12 runners

  • Up to 4 Support Staff

Team Format
  • Runners are not required to run an individual stage but must run every team stage

  • Teams can have up to 4 additional support staff, who drive navigate etc

  • Support staff cannot run in place of team runner (including injuries)

  • Support staff (or another team runner) may run or cycle alongside a team runner during a stage (please note: not all stages are traversable by bicycle – please only use off road bikes)

  • Team members can be swapped up until registration at the start

  • Once a team has registered at the start they cannot change their team type or runners

  • Teams will be given a starting wave (1 hour each) and a specific start time within that hour

  • Team start slots are based on a team’s experience and running speeds- slots cannot be changed

  • Teams must adhere to their given registration and start times to ensure they make it to Cardiff on time

  • Teams are expected to use the OSMaps they are given to navigate their stages

  • Signage will be on the route however it is limited to approximately one every 1-3 miles and should be used more for reassurance as opposed to a guide

  • A runner cannot start the next stage until the previous stage has been completed and the runner has checked in at the checkpoint

  • Any concerns should be raised to the marshal at the checkpoint or next available checkpoint

  • Any team runner can switch at anytime with any other team runner, including between checkpoints although this is usually only due to injury

  • Team runners can run any combination or number of stages

  • It is strongly recommended each team runner knows how to use a compass

  • GPS maps and SmartPhones are to be used only in case of emergency

Stages are split into Green and Red sections
  • Teams can run any route they chose on the Green sections

  • Teams MUST run the given route on Red sections – this is due to health and safety (e.g. to avoid busy roads with no footpaths)

  • Teams must check-in at every checkpoint

  • There are cut off times at the halfway and further points

    • Teams who miss a cut off time have two options

      • Leapfrog a number of checkpoints to continue racing

      • Pull-out of the challenge, and drive to the finish/go home

  • GPS trackers MUST be swapped between runners at each checkpoint

    • Any team failing to do so may be asked to pull-out of the event due the safety reasons

  • Every team arriving at the finish will be expected to run their last team lap (including teams who have been leapfrogged ahead)

  • Team challenge times will be given for the overall event

  • Stage times for each team may be given if available