We’ve gathered some hints and tips from previous teams to help you with your attempt!

Pre Race


  • Create a team contact list and have a few hard copies for the race.
  • Confirm meeting points and travel arrangements.
  • Ensure transport collection completes smoothly and is fuelled.
  • Create a kit list for the team (consider the space within the transport).
  • Check the route to the start, factor in traffic and break stops.
  • Bring music for the transport.  
  • Share emergency contact numbers.


  • Know your sections of the race.
  • Keep the Captain updated with any changes that could affect the race.
  • Don’t over pack.
  • Keep an eye on the weather – dress accordingly.
  • Share the race on social media.  
  • Put emergency contact numbers into your phone.

On the day

  • Load the transport sensibly and safely.
  • Check for any traffic delays.
  • Ensure the satnav is pre-loaded with the start point.
  • Program in a break on route and enjoy the company.

On Arrival

  • Listen to the stewards on the gate and drive slowly and safely around the start area, there will be lots of people in the area.
  • Captain (or nominated person) check in with the race HQ on arrival and find out your briefing time and confirm your start time.  Don’t overcrowd the HQ.
  • If team members are leaving the start area ensure they know what time to return.
  • Listen to announcements.

During the race

  • KEEP SAFE – don’t take risks!  
  • If you are on a mandatory route – stick to that route!!!
  • Keep encouraging each other.  
  • Anyone caught being negative will be made to run back to the start.
  • Listen to the race directors and stewards at all times.
  • Be flexible.
  • When not running, keep stretching and stay warm.  
  • Arrive at checkpoints with time for the runners to warm up and warm down.
  • At night ensure you can see and be seen, reflective clothing and (head) torches must be carried during the hours of darkness.
  • Keep smiling and keep a sense of humour.  Things go wrong, it’s only a challenge and don’t fall out with each other.
  • Keep sharing on social media to keep your friends updated.

Travel home

  • If the drivers are too tired then delay your travel.
  • Plan at least one stop.
  • Ensure runners are safe for onward travel.
  • Bask in the glory of your achievement and tell all your friends.



  • Watch the trackers.
  • If you intend to meet the runners on the course avoid the smaller checkpoints, park safely and do not obstruct other runners or race staff.
  • Keep encouraging your team; share their excitement and achievements on social media.