This page has all the detailed information about Dragon Seeker 60. Should you have any other queries then please don’t hesitate to get in touch by using the Contact Form.


The safety of all our Dragon Seeker 60 entrants is paramount and we ensure that at check-in on the day every runner has the following kit:

  • Lightweight rucksack

  • Waterproof top

  • High viz outerwear

  • First aid kit including plasters

  • Phone – fully charged

  • Compass

  • 1.5L of water or hydration / carb / electrolyte drink

  • Snacks

  • Suncream


Every runner will be given a GPS tracker. It is very lightweight and about the size of a match box. It will record your position as your progress along the route. Your friends and family can track your progress live online helping them come and meet you at checkpoints along the route. Every GPS tracker also has a safety button which if pressed alerts the ambulance crew to your location.


Along the route there are 6 Support Stations spaced out along the route getting closer to each other towards the finish in Cardiff. Overall the course is very flat, starting at around 100m and dropping to zero in Cardiff, with a few little bumps along the way.


Checkpoints will have the following:

  • Showers and changing rooms at start and finish

  • Water to drink or to refill

  • Nibbles and snacks

  • Full meals available for supporters at Magor and Cardiff

  • First Aid cover available

  • Toilets at most checkpoints – see map


The finish will close at 5pm – 10 hours after the first wave starts.


  • A one of a kind “Dragon Seeker 60 Hoody” for every runner

  • Survival Pack – nibbles, essentials

  • Medal for every runner upon finishing

  • GPS trackers and Emergency response vehicles during the event

  • Set of maps of each stage

  • Entry to the After Event Party

  • Food and drink offered during challenge


The safety of our runners is our primary concern and we work hard to ensure that everyone who takes part in Dragon Seeker 60 arrives in Cardiff tired but injury free.

With 60 kilometers of varying terrain the most likely injury that a runner may experience is a twisted ankle or minor trip/fall.

So to minimise risks such as these we do the following:

  • Safety briefing at the start

  • GPS tracker to monitor your progress and whereabouts

  • Tracker have an emergency button to alerts organisers and ambulance crew of your location

  • Medical ambulance support is provided for entire route

  • All stage maps include contact numbers for the nearest hospital and police